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Jiangmen City Pengjiang District Qihui Lighting Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.
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Productos principales:Controlador de emergencia LED, luz de emergencia LED, bombilla de Emergencia LED, luz de tira de emergencia LED, etiqueta de salida de emergencia LED
N.° de clasificación8 tiempo de respuesta rápido en Luces indicadorasTesting instruments (8)ODM services availableCompetitive OEM factoryPatents awarded (7)
Confirm the product circuit board model by product bom.
1.Circuit board detection
Attach a sponge gasket to the back of the circuit board Attach two double-sided rubber sponges to the battery position of the circuit board Place the circuit board on the insulating paper. Pick up the insulating paper and circuit board from the index finger and thumb of the right hand and place the circuit board and circuit board from the left side of the base case first and then into the right side
2.Installation of battery and bottom case
Insert the plug on the right side of the aluminum shell downward into the card slot of the automatic screw machine, turn on the automatic screw machine switch, and remove the emergency power supply after screwing
3.Screw the plug on the left side of the shell
1. Insert the emergency power terminal into the aging rack in sequence and turn on the power to start aging 2. In the aging process, the defective products are extracted and labeled with maintenance labels, and put into the specified plastic basket for repair
4.burn-in test
Pack the goods into the big box and secure them with packing straps
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Recommendations3-60W LED Panel Down Light Emergency Battery Kit 2-3Hrs Backup
•Applicable to all kinds of LED lamps. •Self-check function, the system automatically charges and discharges once every 30 days and every year. •High quality lithium ion batteries can be charged and discharged 500-800 times. •Overload Protection; Short Circuit Protection; Overcharge andOverdischarge Protection; Fault Connection Wire Protection;No-loading protection. •Aluminum housing, intelligent heat dissipation.